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1. Name.

The name of the society shall be the ASIA PACIFIC DISABILITY FORUM known as APDF.

2. Objectives.

The objectives of APDF shall be: -

To promote, participate in and evaluate the implementation of the Biwako Millennium Framework for Action Towards an Inclusive, Barrier Free and Rights Based Society for Persons with a Disability in Asia and the Pacific; with particular emphasis on the goals and targets of the seven priority areas: Self-help organizations of persons with disabilities and related family and parent associations, Women with disabilities, Early detection, early intervention and education, Training and employment including self-employment, Access to built environments and public transport, Access to information and communications, including information, communications and assistive technologies, Poverty alleviation through capacity-building, social security and sustainable livelihood programmes.

To promote and work towards the creation and adoption of a United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;

To empower persons with disabilities in the Asia Pacific Region;

To provide, exchange and disseminate information on disability related matters to member organizations;

To promote and encourage research and development on disability related issues; and

To promote and advocate for technical and other assistance to persons with disabilities.

To develop collaborative partnerships and close working relationships with the UNESCAP Thematic Working Group on Disability-related Concerns(TWGDC), UN Agencies, APCD and other regional and inter-regional forums.

To undertake such other tasks in relation to persons with disabilities in the Asia Pacific Region as shall be determined by APDF at its General Assembly;

3. Membership of APDF.

There shall be three categories of membership of APDF as follows: -

International Disability Organisations recognised and active in the Asia Pacific Region through regional or national structures;

National or Multi National Organisations in the Asia Pacific Region committed to the promotion of the rights, empowerment and welfare of persons with disabilities; - and

Other organizations with the objectives of promotion of the rights, empowerment of and services to persons with disabilities in the Asia Pacific Region.

APDF, at its Inaugural Assembly, shall accept as members all former members of RNN (the Regional NGO Network for the Promotion of the Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons) subject to the payment of the agreed membership fee within three months, plus any other organization present at the Inaugural General Assembly who wishes to join and pay the membership fee in accordance with this Constitution once approved.

The Executive Committee of APDF may at any time between General Assemblies approve any organisation as a conditional member of APDF, subject to the formal endorsement of the next General Assembly.

The General Assembly or Executive Committee may from time to time appoint honorary members or advisors to APDF for such purposes as appropriate, subject to reappointment at the General Assembly.

4. Committees of APDF.

At its General Assembly APDF shall, recognizing gender and disability balance, elect an Executive Committee consisting of:

a) a Chairperson

b) 2 Vice Chairpersons

c) a Treasurer

d) a Secretary-General

e) a Chairperson of each Working Committee

The Executive Committee will manage and co-ordinate all activities of APDF.

In order to achieve the objectives of APDF, the Executive Committee shall have the authority to do all such things as may normally be done by the Board of Directors of a company or society incorporated and registered in the country of the Secretary General.

The Executive Committee shall conduct its business by majority decision, and the Chairperson shall have a deliberative and casting vote.

The General Assembly shall also appoint six Working Committees in the following categories and with duties and responsibilities to be determined;

Committee for the promotion of a UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN Disability Convention Committee)

Research & Development Committee

Information Committee

Next Assembly (Conference Committee)

Gender Issues Committee

Fund Raising & Sponsorship Committee

The term of office of each Committee shall be two years.

Each Working Committee shall have a Chairperson elected by the General Assembly.

The General Assembly will decide whether to add to or reduce the number of Working Committees.

The Working Committees shall be responsible to the Executive Committee through their chairperson.

5. Funding.

The activities of APDF shall be funded by: -

The Annual Membership fee set by each General Assembly plus contributions from member organisations;

Grants, subsidies or other funding from governments of the Region, international and national funding organisations, and from private sector donors;

Donations from any other source;

Revenues from projects and activities conducted by
APDF ; and

Contributions other than in money towards the objectives and activities of APDF.

The Executive Committee shall have authority to open and maintain bank accounts in the name of APDF for operational and administrative purposes.

Before each General Assembly, the Executive Committee shall have prepared and have audited the accounts for the operational and administrative functions of APDF, and shall table such accounts for the previous two years at the General Assembly.

6. Secretariat.

There shall be a Secretariat, to be located in a country as decided by the General Assembly.

The Secretariat shall be funded from sources identified in preceding article 5 or as the Executive Committee shall decide.

7. Activities.

There shall be a General Assembly every second year with a Conference held in conjunction with each General Assembly.

The venue of the General Assembly and Conference shall be decided by the Executive Committee, and where possible, will be held in different parts of the Region.

The business of the General Assembly and Executive Committee shall be conducted by consensus, or by simple majority should a vote be required.

The Executive Committee, acting on the advice of the General Assembly, shall encourage research and development projects to empower persons with disabilities in the Region and in particular identifying the rights and needs, and the means of achieving these rights, especially in the least developed countries of the Region.

8. Winding Up.

If at any General Assembly, it is resolved that APDF should be wound up, the Executive Committee may be authorised to wind up the affairs of APDF.
If APDF ceases to operate in terms of the Constitution for a period of more than two years the Executive Committee on its own motion may resolve to wind up the affairs of APDF.

All contracts of service will terminate with 3 months notice from the date of passing of a resolution to wind up.

After payment of liabilities, any surplus funds shall be distributed to the agency with similar objectives to APDF as determined by the outgoing Executive Committee.

9. Liability of Executive Committee.

Except in the case of gross personal negligence, fraud or other action for which liability may exist as a criminal offence in the country of the Secretary General, no member of the Executive Committee shall have personal responsibility for actions of the Executive Committee.

10. Amendment to the Constitution

Any member of APDF may propose an amendment to this Constitution by giving written notice of the proposed change to the Secretary General, at least six months before a General Assembly, and the General Assembly will consider the proposal and make a decision.

11. Adoption of the Constitution

This Constitution was agreed at the Inaugural General Assembly of the Asia Pacific Disability Forum held in Singapore on 26th November 2003.

Signed by the undersigned;




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